How to sell your watch

To Sell your watch it's simple. You only need one minute following or 4 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: Tell us about your watch by filling our form. The more information and photos you share with us, the more accurate the market evaluation will be.
STEP 2: If you like the quote you'll receive a pre-paid shipping label that includes insurance. Send us you watch for a full watch inspection.
STEP 3: Once we've received your watch, our qualified team will inspect its condition and authenticity.
STEP 4: Once the deal is finalized you will receive payment quickly.

So Easy! Our goal is to make this whole process as pain free as possible. For more information about how to buy or sell with give us a call.



Rolex watches are a truly amazing product. While they are very expensive they last pretty much forever if you take care of them and are therefore a pretty good investment. Rolex sells thousands of new watches through their Authorized Dealers all over the world and the fact that Rolex do last such a long time allows for a huge secondary market. 

When you buy a Rolex, it is not a one owner watch, whether you pass it down to your children and grandchildren or sell it to another person, they usually last through multiple generations. This also allows the values to be very high and if you need money or, just don't really want or use it you can sell Rolex brand watches to us at Time Passion for great prices.

Often people come to us and ask to sell their watch and upon receiving the price are astounded because many other online retailers sell Rolex for around a thousand dollars more than what we offered. Why this happens is these retailers run on huge margins of thousands of dollars between how much they buy and sell a watch for and so how much they sell the watch for is really a bloated view of how much it is really worth. When you sell Rolexes to Time Passion you get the true value.


At Time Passion you can sell Rolex watches of any kind. From Milgauss to Submariner, from brand new in box to 30 years old, from pre-owned/used to unworn we buy everything and we understand that they each have their own specific value that fluctuates with the pre-owned Rolex market.

Time Passion will give you the full market value of your watch if you decide to sell Rolex models to us. We have an extensive price list that offers baseline prices for all the watches and we work from there factoring in current market conditions and inventory spikes and slopes as well as any special features your watch may have like a diamond dial or bezel. We know the added value these features add to your watch whether they are aftermarket or factory.


We are located in Porto, Portugal, but we buy watches from all over the world. How we do this is actually quite simple and allows for reassurance on your end in addition to getting you your money as quickly as possible. This all starts out with you receiving a estimate of your watches value from us. You can do this by giving us a call at +351 221125634 or submitting a sell watch form on our website.

Once you receive the estimate and agree with it we will send you a mailer box with tracking info for you to track the box as it is delivered to us. Within an hour of our receipt of the box we will give you our exact price on your watch, which, if you described the watch accurately to us should be around the estimate we gave you.

At this point you have two options, you can agree with the price and we will transfer you the money, or if you no longer agree or just decided not to sell your watch we will your watch back to you and you will have it the next day.